The Olidata Group signs a framework agreement worth over 25MLN with Snam Spa for the next 3 years

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Cristiano Rufini CEO of Olidata!
Olidata’s new Board of Directors: renewal for a successful future.

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We design end-to-end solutions to launch companies towards the true digital revolution.

With state-of-the-art tools and targeted IT knowledge, we offer you the best  solutions.

Innovation, technology and research are our strengths.



We build our work on the constant quest for innovation, a business goal we achieve through reliable and efficient information technologies. We create advanced Deep Learning systems to support human work and business strategies.


Among the goals of a business, Big Data analysis has enormous prominence. We employ technologically advanced systems to extract information from the huge amount of data produced daily. We have designed tailored solutions for Big Data storage, management and analysis.


We have built up considerable IT experience over time, which translates into up-to-date knowledge of the web and Cyber Security, thanks to which we recognize suspicious activity and prevent the risks, to put the defense of your infrastructure first.