Olidata is the premiere European listed vehicle entirely dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) asset class, focused to be qualified as an acquisition vehicle, aiming at consolidating the IoT market space across the verticals that are quickly becoming the key game-changers across well-established industries.

Olidata is not a financial holding, nor a venture capital fund or a “passive” investor. Olidata is an ”active” investor, focused on accelerating growth and the consolidation of the IoT market space across Europe, setting in motion a fast-paced process of sequential and concurrent acquisitions and creating a unique community of IoT entrepreneurs.



Distance training for companies, public administration and social communities.
Multimedia content, virtual classrooms, standard and customized training courses.
Learning analytics tools for evaluating the validity of training.

Urban Mobility

Our mission is to support the innovative process of cities towards a smarter dimension. We have designed and developed solutions for intelligent mobility management.


These technology solutions for small and medium-sized businesses combine servers, storage, software, network connection and cloud functionality in a turn-key experience.