Riccardo Tassi

President Of The Board Of Directors

After 18 years at the top in leading financial institutions, he continued his professional life in the Le Fonti group, focused on the real estate and tourism sector. In 2014 he decided to invest in Olidata becoming the main shareholder and contributing with his personal commitment and dedication to restructuring the company.

Katia La Rosa

Independent Director

Katia La Rosa, professional journalist, graduated with honours in economics. She is a professional in the field of public and private information. Over the years, she has directed the communication of national and international press offices and managed information for the Senate of the Republic. She is also an expert in public policy analysis and evaluation, working at the Senate’s Impact Assessment Office, and now collaborates with organisations and institutions. In her professional career, she has held managerial positions in the strategic management of communication and marketing of companies, including listed ones. His career is also aimed at the academic world, where he is a lecturer in “theory and technique of mass communication” and “general sociology” in E-Learning universities. Also of great impact are his analyses, (inspired by modern neuroscience), on the integration of the various forms of communication. The book “il codice del canone inverso” (the code of the inverse canon), published by Guida editori, is currently being published. She is also author of the research project “Europe 4.0: Observatory for a Networked Europe” and founder of the Gender Violence Observatory. She has launched the idea of a social doctrine that re-evaluates the universal concept of ‘excellence’. Over the years, she has been awarded prizes for her career. Her contribution has also been recognised by the State Police Criminal Pol section: ‘for professionalism and sense of duty’.

Edoardo Colombo

Independent Director

He is an expert in innovation, specialised in digital transformation for the Public Administration and Businesses, and has worked and continues to work as an advisor on issues of innovation and digital technologies, with a specific focus on tourism.
At the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, he was an advisor to the Task Force for the Digital Agenda and was a member of the Board of Directors of the Agency for the dissemination of innovation technologies, appointed by the Minister for Economic Development, which set up the Italian-Chinese Technology Transfer Centres.
Author of “Turismo MegaTrend” ed.Hoepli, he is Thematic Expert for Tourism in the Intelligent Cities Challenge of the European Commission. He collaborates with the ANCI Motor Cities for the development of motor tourism. Consultant for the SMARTChain blockchain and tourism project of the Province of Trento. On the board of directors of Valica, advisor to Airlite, BTO Florence and BTM Puglia. Chair of Turismo Italiae think tank.

Maria Lamelas Godinez

Indipendent Director

Born in Madrid in 1976, is the Director of Organizational Development, Talents & Knowledge at Webuild, a global player specialized in the implementation of complex infrastructures.
Prior to joining Webuild Group in 2017, Maria worked at Spencer Stuart, a leading multinational executive search firm, for 11 years, dealing with the search and selection of managers for client companies at an international level. Previously, she worked as a consultant to the MEF Treasury Department on economic matters and as a researcher in CentroEuropaRicerche.
Maria has been a lecturer in the Master in HR and Organisation at Bologna Business School since 2016. She holds a v.o. degree in Political Economics from the University of Rome La Sapienza, a Master’s degree in International Economics & Econometrics from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, a research grant from the University of Rome La Sapienza, where she taught courses in Political Economy and Economic Policy. She is an Executive Coach and speaks Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese and French.

Franco Gianera

Co-Founder and Counselor International association of the best talent management companies in the sports, entertainment, technology and business sectors. Member of the board of directors of the holding and subsidiary Between Technologies. Founder and President of SINERGENIS Digital Services in Milan: Consulting, advisory and angel investment for startups and technological SMEs.

Robert Hassan

Independent Director

He graduated in Law, obtained a Master’s degree in “Information and Communication Lawyers”, and attended two-year specialisation courses in “Communication Sciences”, “Management” and “Business Culture”; he is quoted in the entry “political communication” of the Encyclopedia Giuridica Treccani, 2004; he is co-author of several texts on public and corporate communication; he teaches in public and private universities on the subjects of international relations, business strategies, new rights, cyber diplomacy. In over fifteen years of activity he has designed, implemented and managed strategic and government affairs plans, particularly in the field of innovation, for government institutions, multinationals, major national players and complex organisations. He is Director for Europe of one of the most important international organisations for the fight against anti-Semitism and prejudice; he is President of CyberArea, a public-private project for the creation of the first Cyber Park in Italy; he has been advisor to “Correnti – Associazione di Cultura della Comunicazione, founded in 1991” and to the “Club dei Giuristi” at the Istituto Luigi Sturzo. He is advisor for leading organizations in Italy and worldwide to develop high-level educational and training programmes in the field of cybersecurity.

Flavia Marzano

Independent Director

Graduated in Information Sciences, she is engaged in the analysis of the organisational, technical, social and strategic impact of digital transformation and communication for companies, universities and Public Administration (PA); she is active in technical and strategic consultancy, course design, training also at university level on digital transformation. She works in the following areas: Digital Transformation, Information and Knowledge Society, Innovation Strategies, New Technologies and New Media, Formulation of national and regional regulations on innovation, Digital Agenda, Open Government and Open Data, Smart City, European Projects, Project Evaluation. She has been part of Ministerial Commissions for innovation and adoption of new technologies in PA and enterprises. Formez consultant for Digital Competences and Promotion of Open Government policy in PA.

Strategic Board

Franco Gianera

Co-Founder and Director International association of the best talent management companies in the sports, entertainment, technology and business sectors. Member of the Board of Directors of the holding and of the subsidiary Between Technologies.Founder and President of SINERGENIS Digital Services Milan: Consulting, advisory and angel investment for startups and technology SMEs.

Edoardo Colombo

Expert in innovation and digital transformation for the Public Administration and for businesses. He is the author of “Mega Trend Tourism: Smart destination and digital tourism: AI, Blockchain, Cyber, IoT and 5G” (Hoepli 2020).
At the Presidency of the Council he was advisor to the Task Force for the Digital Agenda and on the Board of the Agency for the dissemination of innovation technologies, giving life to the Italian-Chinese technology transfer centers. He was a technical and scientific expert of MIUR, advisor for innovation of the Minister of Tourism, the Minister of Regional Affairs and Tourism, of the MiBACT TDLab and consultant for Expo Milano 2015.

Andrea Babbi

Business manager and entrepreneur in tourism.
President of Petroniana Viaggi Tour Operator and Serviaggi Travel Agency. TO. of Hotel Accademia and Accademia at Colle Resort in Bologna.
He was General Manager of Enit, A.D. of Emilia Romagna Tourism Promotion Company, General Manager of Confcommercio Emilia Romagna and Iscom Formazione.
Director of Banks, Universities, research and consulting companies.