The history of Olidata is not just made up of dates and stages, but of ideas and people, driven since its inception by innovation, experimentation and a constant search for excellence in every area of expertise.

Olidata once again is a spokesman for the new digital era. The company’s mission is to generate value starting from ideas and in the concrete and tangible realization of them.

It acts as an Innovation Partner for clients, accompanying them in the Digital Revolution process.  It operates as a technology consulting and systems integration company, differentiating itself from common System Integrators, offering the market complete and cutting-edge solutions, able to respond effectively and proactively to the demands of a challenging and dynamic sector such as IT.

The main competencies are in the areas of: Big Data & Analytics, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Gis & I.O.T., Software Development and ICT Infrastructure.

A focal point of the company resides in the Research and Development Center aimed at empowering young people and new skills for the future.

Big Data & Analytics Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Security

Software Development & ICT Infrastructure

Gis & I.O.T.