Olidata SpA is a European company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 1999

Today it is determined to implement an industrial plan that positions it as a service company in the ICT sector and competence center for the issues of Digital Transformation and the Internet Paradigm

Olidata SpA is intended to be an acquisition vehicle, with the aim of consolidating the ICT offer for vertical markets (Utility, Municipality, Transportation and Industry) which are rapidly becoming game-changers of more complex and articulated Business systems.

Olidata SpA is NOT a financial holding company, nor a venture capital fund or a «passive investor».

Olidata is an “active” investor focused on consolidating the offer of digital technologies, through an acquisition plan that follows a specific design direction, aimed at creating:

A community of collaborative entrepreneurs within a business system

Competence centers on processes, markets and technologies

Organizations interconnected according to a precise lifecycle defined on three phases: Design - Sales - Adoption

We have identified four technological tracks still in the Early Adoption phase and we have decided to put skills, people, organizations and resources related to them at the center of the industrial plan:

Business Process
Automation & IOT

Decentralized Autonomous

Computer Science/Vision

Cyber Security

the selection of the reference technological areas for the Olidata Group focuses on the principle of “people-centric smart spaces“, which means considering only those technologies that enable the change of people (eg customers, employees) the evolution of environments ( e.g. home, office, car) and the efficiency of operational processes and business models

The technologies identified are not stand alone, but we are aware that leading ICT companies must understand and govern the combination of the various trends to best guide innovation and industrial strategy

For example, artificial intelligence (AI) in its declination of machine learning (ML) can be combined with automation and edge computing to allow interesting combinations of solutions and markets such as the integration of Building Automation in Smart City contexts, or the convergence of intentions for the generation of Energy distribution and Smart Grids

The theme of Hyperautomation is not yet fully declined in the issues of Total Addressable Market, but it already shows high reception potential. Not considering the combination of key skills, we highlight for Italy alone that some technological trends referred to by the topic are rapidly growing

The aggregation of technical skills within a single holding allows the development of unique multi-domain and multi-disciplinary scenarios at a national and European level

  • Innovation HUB
  • R&D
  • Cyber Security
  • System Integration

An Innovation Hub to feed relationships with territories, talents and startups through acceleration, incubation and prototyping processes by making the Group's skills and resources available.

An R&D structure with three Business Units focused on developing the offering of products and maintaining their life cycle. The three BUs will work in a synchronized and synergistic way so that the combination of their actions is the basis of HyperAutomation engineering. The BUs will develop intangible assets (IPR) and will support the initiatives through collaboration with national and international research bodies and funded project.

A CyberSecurity structure that applies the elements necessary to make it Safe and Secure to the offer of products and solutions. It will collaborate with the major players in the, Cyber, Institutional and Private fields.

A Software Factory for the targeted development of software such as middleware, historian, BackEnd and FrontEnd applications and will be able to integrate and customize leading platforms on the process automation market (SAP, Oracle, VmWare ...) or for the analysis of data (SAS, Tableau, Qlick ...). In summary, we will develop 6 lines of We are organized by 6 lines of competence: ERP & financial - Hybrid integration - WEB Dev - IOT & APP - SAP Hana Programming - SRM & procurement.