MAY 2023

Expo Security & Cyber Security Forum 2023

On May 24, 2023, Olidata was present at the Expo Security & Cyber Security Forum 2023, held in Pescara, Italy. Olidata’s President, Cristiano Rufini, explained the new corporate course: “The Group’s main challenge is to create a national data management hub that is innovative and uses completely made in Italy solutions.”

The Chairman had the opportunity to speak on two crucial topics for the growth of our country: he spoke on two crucial topics for the growth of our country: the meeting between public administration and companies in the field of cyber security, and how the Cyber Resilience Act can affect the work of companies.

May 19, 2023: Approval of the draft 2022 budget.

Cristiano Rufini, President of Olidata said, “This evening, the draft 2022 consolidated budget was approved by the Olidata Board of Directors.
With great enthusiasm, we announce the main figures for the year 2022:
Consolidated revenues of more than 50 million euros showing a growth of more than 13%, positive NFP of more than 4 million with an increase in EBITDA.
These figures confirm the Group’s solidity and growth prospects.
We went beyond expectations by exceeding the forecast figures contained in the Three-Year Plan. I am proud of the success of the “Olidata Operation.”

We present the new logo of Olidata!

A revamped graphic design that reflects dynamism, innovation and openness to the new frontiers of the digital economy, without forgetting the distinctive features of tradition.
Targeted color choices to mark our new path: hi-tech, reliable and eco-friendly company, aiming to lead the country’s digital transition!




In one fell swoop Olidata acquires two companies!

The Olidata Group starts its run again: as of today, 4 May 2023, two more new companies I.CON. and I.con Real Estate join the team.

    APRIL 2023


Olidata SpA was officially readmitted to Borsa italiana on 3 April 2023.

After a period of consolidation and corporate restructuring, Olidata Spa, headed by Chairman Cristiano Rufini, has made its return to the stock market, with the aim of creating value for shareholders and strengthening its presence in the technology sector.
Chairman Cristiano Rufini and Sferanet played a key role in this transformation process, guiding the company through a phase of profound strategic reflection and operational restructuring, aimed at improving the company’s efficiency and competitiveness.

    MARCH 2023

“Borsa Italiana has ordered the readmission of Olidata’s shares to trading on the Euronext Milan market”

Borsa Italiana had suspended trading in the stock indefinitely in March 2016, after the company went into liquidation. In 2022 Olidata changed its controlling shareholder, now Cristiano Rufini’s Sferanet, while in recent days it signed the specialist contract with Banca Finnat Euramerica, announced the preliminary 2022 figures and confirmed the guidelines of the strategic plan to 2025.

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    NOVEMBER 2022

With great enthusiasm, we inform you that, on 25 November 2022, the President of Sferanet srl, Cristiano Rufini, was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Olidata.

This is how Sferanet takes part in the progress, with an evolution that makes the group even stronger.

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