NOVEMBER 2023

Our article in Data Manager Magazine, “Cognitive AI according to Sferanet,” with Manuela Vaser, AI Division Coordinator, is out today.

Our Sferanet AI Division Coordinator, Manuela Vaser, shared exciting perspectives regarding human-centered artificial intelligence projects that place a focus on the information context.

In the field of health, Sferanet, a company of the Olidata Spa Group, is actively developing a project focused on early diagnosis of lung cancer diseases.
This innovative project employs advanced systems capable of analyzing the outcomes of CT scans, enabling the detection of the early stages of development of lung cancer diseases.

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The Olidata Group signs a framework agreement worth over 25MLN with Snam Spa for the next 3 years

The Olidata SpA Group announces that it has been awarded, through its subsidiary Sferanet Srl, a framework agreement worth approximately 25MLN, for the next 3 years (plus a possible further 2 years in option), for Software products by SNAM Spa, a company listed in the FTSE MIB index of the Italian Stock Exchange.

Cristiano Rufini – CEO Olidata and President of Sferanet – states: “a significant and constantly pursued objective is to increasingly consolidate the synergy between us and the world of Utilities, a reality that contributes to the economic and innovative development of our country. Moreover, these results for us represent the best response to the market, and give the necessary confidence to all those who have believed and continue to believe in our project’.

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The Olidata Group consolidates its presence in the Energy sector_ Framework agreement with Terna worth 9MLN euro awarded

The Olidata Group SpA, through its subsidiary Sferanet Srl, has been awarded the framework agreement -lot 2- with Terna worth 9MLN euro for the “Supply of Rack Servers and ICT Services. Terna Spa, owner of the Italian transmission grid (RTN) of high and extra-high voltage electricity, is the largest independent transmission system operator (TSO) in Europe.
Sferanet, will support Terna Spa with technologies and services aimed at consolidating and updating ICT infrastructures, confirming one of the key points of the company’s vision: investing in digital through projects dedicated to the Energy world and its evolution.
The 5-year agreement consists of the supply of different types of server systems and their associated ICT services, and will enable Terna to respond, quickly and flexibly, to the growing needs in terms of computational capacity, service continuity, and scalability, which the changing organisational models and technological innovation pose for ICT resources.

Cristiano Rufini – CEO Olidata and President Sferanet states: “This Agreement makes us pleased to be able to contribute, once again, to the innovative, economic and digital development of the Italian market, both private and public. We are convinced that the combination of technology and skills can accelerate progress towards an Energy world supported by innovative solutions”.

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Cristiano Rufini present at the inauguration of Fabbrica Italiana dell’Innovazione

Today, 14 november 2023, at the former ENEL Historical Archives in Naples, takes place the inauguration of the Italian Innovation Factory, an incubator/accelerator focused on the primary challenges of #current scientific and technological #innovation.

Cristiano Rufini, CEO of Olidata Spa, who was present at the event, issued the following statement:

Olidata is happy to be able to be part of this initiative, which was created thanks to the private investment of a pool of companies operating in the field of innovation. Our contribution in the project aims at the redevelopment of southern Italy by perfectly espousing the principles of Fabbrica Italiana, that is, establishing balance between economy, environment and society, with an ever-increasing attention to sustainability and territory. We are committed every day to enhance the value of Made in Italy, supporting initiatives aimed toward progress for industrial and social activities in our country, such as the one carried out by Fabbrica Italiana. The work carried out by the Company represents a point of great interest for the Olidata Group, which is active in the fields of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, Data Management and Big data.” Cristiano Rufini CEO of Olidata Spa.

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Olidata Group acquires majority stake in Biancone Automobili


The Olidata Group, through its subsidiary Sferanet Srl, finalises the acquisition of the majority of the company Biancone Automobili.
The company signed a new contract to acquire the shares of Biancone Automobili, bringing the Group to a majority shareholding and positioning itself at the helm of the investee company.
Olidata’s Vision pursues, among its first objectives, that of Responsible Investment aimed at enhancing environmental aspects, a privileged location where the Group, supported by the technological assets already deeply integrated in the company’s history, believes it can provide added value created by the interaction of the know-how existing in the Group’s companies.

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    OCTOBER 2023

Olidata Group wins European tender for Cassa Depositi e Prestiti worth 3.6 MLN for data management platform

The Olidata Group SpA, through its subsidiary Sferanet Srl, has been awarded the framework agreement worth 3.6 MLN in an open procedure called by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

The subject of the contract concerns the Big Data management platform currently present in the administration, with the aim of actively contributing to the optimisation of information.

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Hall of Justice – Olidata CEO Cristiano Rufini speaks

Today at the Salone della Giustizia, Cristiano Rufini, CEO of Olidata, spoke in the talk “A network without loopholes”, to discuss the risk that cyber threats have on public and private companies and the importance of strategic approaches and new technologies required for security management.

Digital sovereignty, resilience and Made in Italy solutions for a more efficient national security.

In Italy, the perception of cybersecurity issues and the danger of hacker attacks is much higher than in the past, both in the public and private sectors. In our activities we meet attentive, well-prepared interlocutors who fully understand the risks the country system is facing. It is important to pay great attention not only to investments in terms of technology, but above all to training, because many problems in terms of cybersecurity arise from human factors. The response of Italian companies to cyber attacks has always been very effective, and the news we hear about breaches is only the tip of the iceberg because attacks are daily and at 360 degrees. In terms of the future, our country has a great opportunity to become a reference point in relation to the new cyber domain being defined. To achieve this, we need to develop a national production capacity, stockpile strategic components, and develop proprietary lines of communication. These are the basic factors of digital sovereignty” cit. Cristiano Rufini.

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New 9 million project for Olidata aongside Poste Italiane for the national co-working



The Olidata Group through its subsidiary Sferanet was awarded in Rti at 51% the lots 2 and 3 for a total value of 9 million euros of the tender called by Poste Italiane.

The Project aims to create the largest national network of #co-working spaces and training events for citizens.

The Olidata Group will have to provide management and marketing services for the 92 coworking spaces with approximately 4,500 workstations distributed over 45,000 square metres of Poste Italiane’s premises located throughout the country, using state-of-the-art #technologies.


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Last day at the GITEX GLOBAL Largest Tech & Startup Show in the World trade show !

Today marks the end of the world’s largest technology fair!

It was also a great opportunity to make new international connections and learn about global technology trends.
Stay tuned to find out more!

Sferanet Middle East, an Olidata Group company, has entered into a strategic partnership with Ajlan & Bros Information Systems Technology.



On the second day of the fair, at the DWTC, the major international event GITEX GLOBAL Largest Tech & Startup Show in the World, we are glad to announce a memorandum of understanding that solidify our presence in the middle east market by partnering with Ajlan & Bros information system technology looking forward to be a significant step in our journey: combines the expertise of Ajlan & Bros and the advanced technology solutions of Sferanet to create tailored digital transformation services and provide top-notch cybersecurity solutions.

First day at GITEX GLOBAL!

Today at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Olidata Spa is opening the top international trade fair, the GITEX GLOBAL Largest Tech & Startup Show in the World.

The proprietary and totally made in Italy technologies that Olidata is presenting during these five days of the fair are: 𝐒𝐚𝐟𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐝, the 𝐓𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 𝐓𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐞 and the 𝐒𝐨𝐧𝐢𝐜 𝐄𝐲𝐞.

Olidata makes its international debut at GITEX with two proprietary technologies and Made in Italy!



Olidata is ready to take the big leap into the global arena of AI and Cyber technology!

We are about to take the stage at GITEX GLOBAL, the global epicentre of technological innovations, which will be held at the Dubai World Centre from 16 to 20 October.

An unprecedented opportunity to take the heritage of a historic Italian brand, Olidata, with over 40 years of history, abroad. Today, more than ever, it is ready to make its grand comeback in the ICT sector, presenting new products and cutting-edge technologies. This shows how a constant commitment to security, innovation and progress can lead to significant results in the future.

We give you a small preview! Among the various Cybersecurity and AI products on display will be the Tactical Touch Screen table, the pinnacle of operational intelligence offering unparalleled features and capabilities that make this table an indispensable asset for any modern command centre.

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The Olidata SpA Group, through its subsidiary Sferanet Srl, successfully participated in the tender worth 2 MLN euros called by IPZS to upgrade the entire infrastructure of the CIE (Electronic Identity Card) System for the next 36 months.

With its expertise, the Group once again contributes to the country’s technological progress and development, accompanying its customers towards innovation, guaranteeing them reliability and security.

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Sferanet: the pulsing engine of Olidata – Data Manager Online

Data Manager tells of the Olidata Group‘s Marketing & Communication Department.

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    SEPTEMBER 2023


In the first half of the year 2023, the Olidata Spa Group exceeded the targets set in the 2023-2025 Business Plan.

I am proud,” said Cristiano Rufini, CEO of the company, “of the results achieved so far and of being able to continue the story of a great brand, Olidata, which has contributed to the IT development of this country. Always attentive to financial balances but never neglecting the welfare of employees, to whom my thanks go. The goal was not a foregone conclusion, but the results and the strong interest from our shareholders are confirming that we are on the right track“.




29 years of history and the evolution of a logo that says yes to #innovation while keeping faith with #tradition.
we present to you the new logo of I.CON of the Olidata Group.


Olidata Group meets with colleagues from I.CON.

Together…. the entire Olidata Group gathered in Vimercate to get to know each other and share #projects and #future successes.

We feel we are an integral part of a larger entity; bonding and mutual trust are key to achieving #extraordinary results.

Working in #group is like a well-orchestrated band: everyone has a role and a part to play, but it is the harmony and cooperation among the members that creates the beauty of the music.

So… let’s start playing!

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Olidata Group on the side of national cyber security: awarded
tender for the evolution of the Bank of Italy’s Cyber Security platforms
worth about 4,500,000.00 euro

The company announces that its subsidiary, Sferanet, was awarded, as the parent company of an RTI, the tender relating to Lot 1 for the evolution of the Bank of Italy’s SIEM and VAMP platforms.

The Olidata Group, on the strength of its expertise in the field of Cyber Security, makes a significant contribution to projects relating to national IT security, such as those relating to System Information Event Management (SIEM).

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Olidata activates internal recruiting processes: starting 30 new hires for positions in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, in line with the company’s growth plan

The Board of Directors, which met today under the chairmanship of Andrea Peruzy and CEO Cristiano Rufini, took note of the activities in continuous development evaluating positively the work and in view of the commercial commitments made, decided to open a recruiting campaign aimed at finding nr. 30 new resources who will join the Group in key roles within the areas dealing with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, crucial sectors for the digitalization of the country in which Olidata is investing to establish itself as one of the reference players at the national level.

The new resources, in fact, will have the opportunity to deal with a stimulating work environment, in which it will be possible to grow professionally and contribute to the continuous development of Olidata.

Thanks to the acquisition of the new contracts we have the opportunity to further grow the Group, for this reason we open the doors to 30 new colleagues, in the world of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Through training and professional development programs, the Group promotes the advancement of employees within the company, thus helping to increasingly build a national hub of expertise. I hope that these efforts can have a positive impact not only on the company itself, but, for the whole country system,” commented Olidata Group CEO Cristiano Rufini.

The resources will be placed in the Group’s offices in Rome, Cagliari, Vimercate, Padova, Morbegno, and Dubai.

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To apply: Careers – Olidata

Olidata Group: new 5 mln framework agreement with Enel.

Olidata, a company operating in the ICT market for more than 40 years and today a spokesperson for the new era, has been awarded a contract in Enel worth about 5 MLN euros thanks to its subsidiary Sferanet.
The contract is for a solution for digitization and document management.
The framework agreement immediately operational, gives us the opportunity to accompany for the next 3 years, in this moment of digital transition, one of the most important assets of our country.
With this solution, at the service of business and sustainable growth in support of the decision making process, the Olidata Group places itself even more at the forefront of its target market.

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    AUGUST 2023

Olidata Group at the service of the country’s strategic infrastructures: more than 30 million tender awarded.

Olidata does not stop its race and thanks to its subsidiary Sferanet wins a 30% RTI contract worth more than 30 million. The framework agreement involves the awarding related to the supply, maintenance and management of upgrades to Sogei‘s Data Connectivity Switches for the next 36 months.

The initiative plays a strategic role in protecting #data management in the national arena.

The Olidata Group is already a supplier to Sogei in other areas such as Big Data, Data Management and Infrastructure.

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Cristiano Rufini CEO of Olidata!
The new Olidata Board of Directors: renewal for a successful future.

The Shareholders’ Meeting of Olidata SpA, which met in Rome, elected the new Board of Directors, made up of highly qualified professionals from different areas of expertise in terms of leadership and strategic vision, who will increase the prestige of Olidata Spa‘s governance.
At the first meeting of the new Board of Directors, the appointments of the new Board members and the Supervisory Board were announced.

This was a moment of great importance for the entire Group.

A further fundamental step aimed at renewing and accelerating the commitment to a #growth and #development project.

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Olidata, competence at the service of the modern data-driven company-, Dario Evola CTO of the Olidata Group

Today talks about us with the interview of Dario Evola, Chief Technical Officer of the Olidata Group Spa.

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    JULY 2023

“At the School of Sovereignty for Digital Infrastructures: Development and Security between Atlases and Atlantism”- Cristiano Rufini at the Chamber of Deputies

Rome, 27 July 2023

This morning at the Chamber of Deputies, Cristiano Rufini, President of the Olidata Group, took part in the Conference “A scuola di Sovranità per le infrastrutture Digitali: sviluppo e sicurezza tra Atlanti e Atlantismo”.
He spoke about the ambitious and challenging Olidata project, the Italian system integrator at the service of the country for Digital Sovereignty. Its goal is to create a national hub for data management and become a point of reference for the country, creating and using Made in Italy solutions.

Candidate lists for the new Olidata Board of Directors

Rome, 18 July 2023

We are pleased to announce the release and publication of the candidate lists for the new Olidata Board of Directors, which will take effect as of the next term of office. This renewal represents a significant step in securing a successful future for our group.

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Claudia Quadrino, appointed CEO of I.CON, Olidata group company

A new challenge is coming for Claudia Quadrino, former CEO of Sferanet and Sole Director of Sfera Defence, companies of the Olidata Spa Group.
Yesterday, July 11, 2023, she officially received her appointment as CEO of I.CON Srl
Competent and professional, he does not miss a beat in leading the Group’s companies.

An example of how meritocracy is one of the company’s rewarding values, beyond gender!


    JUNE 2023

Speech by President Cristiano Rufini at CNEL for the 2nd edition of the D-Brain

Rome, 5 July 2023. Cristiano Rufini, President of the Olidata Group, participated in the 2nd edition of the D-brain forum at the CNEL headquarters.

The topic of accessibility is at the centre of our interest. Technology can play a key role for us in making the world #accessible equally to all!

click on the following link to watch the video of the speech:

Olidata thanks the CDA who have worked with us over the years.

The race toward the new corporate era continues!

 We govern every challenge and turn it into opportunity

Today, June 28, 2023, the 2022 budget of Olidata Spa was officially approved.

Cristiano Rufini says, “2022 was a year that challenged us, but the results achieved exceeded expectations. The numbers testify to the commitment of my team, capable of accepting and pursuing new challenges.”

Sferanet relaunches Olidata, Data Manager

National platforms and digital identity as assets for the country’s growth!
Cristiano Rufini, Claudia Quadrino and Daniela Ranalletta tell us about the new objectives and the relaunch plan of the Olidata S.p.A. Group.

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    MAY 2023

Expo Security & Cyber Security Forum 2023

On May 24, 2023, Olidata was present at the Expo Security & Cyber Security Forum 2023, held in Pescara, Italy. Olidata’s President, Cristiano Rufini, explained the new corporate course: “The Group’s main challenge is to create a national data management hub that is innovative and uses completely made in Italy solutions.”

The Chairman had the opportunity to speak on two crucial topics for the growth of our country: he spoke on two crucial topics for the growth of our country: the meeting between public administration and companies in the field of cyber security, and how the Cyber Resilience Act can affect the work of companies.

May 19, 2023: Approval of the draft 2022 budget.

Cristiano Rufini, President of Olidata said, “This evening, the draft 2022 consolidated budget was approved by the Olidata Board of Directors.
With great enthusiasm, we announce the main figures for the year 2022:
Consolidated revenues of more than 50 million euros showing a growth of more than 13%, positive NFP of more than 4 million with an increase in EBITDA.
These figures confirm the Group’s solidity and growth prospects.
We went beyond expectations by exceeding the forecast figures contained in the Three-Year Plan. I am proud of the success of the “Olidata Operation.”

We present the new logo of Olidata!

A revamped graphic design that reflects dynamism, innovation and openness to the new frontiers of the digital economy, without forgetting the distinctive features of tradition.
Targeted color choices to mark our new path: hi-tech, reliable and eco-friendly company, aiming to lead the country’s digital transition!



In one fell swoop Olidata acquires two companies!

The Olidata Group starts its run again: as of today, 4 May 2023, two more new companies I.CON. and I.con Real Estate join the team.

    APRIL 2023

Olidata SpA was officially readmitted to Borsa italiana on 3 April 2023.

After a period of consolidation and corporate restructuring, Olidata Spa, headed by Chairman Cristiano Rufini, has made its return to the stock market, with the aim of creating value for shareholders and strengthening its presence in the technology sector.
Chairman Cristiano Rufini and Sferanet played a key role in this transformation process, guiding the company through a phase of profound strategic reflection and operational restructuring, aimed at improving the company’s efficiency and competitiveness.

    MARCH 2023

“Borsa Italiana has ordered the readmission of Olidata’s shares to trading on the Euronext Milan market”

Borsa Italiana had suspended trading in the stock indefinitely in March 2016, after the company went into liquidation. In 2022 Olidata changed its controlling shareholder, now Cristiano Rufini’s Sferanet, while in recent days it signed the specialist contract with Banca Finnat Euramerica, announced the preliminary 2022 figures and confirmed the guidelines of the strategic plan to 2025.

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    NOVEMBER 2022

With great enthusiasm, we inform you that, on 25 November 2022, the President of Sferanet srl, Cristiano Rufini, was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Olidata.

This is how Sferanet takes part in the progress, with an evolution that makes the group even stronger.

At the following link the official press release: